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    Shenzhen Core Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen Core Electronics Co., Ltd.

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    Vehicle DC/DC converter scheme


      Chuangrui Core 2016 independent research and development of the vehicle DC/DC program, can provide a complete set of solutions to be used: pure electric vehicles (BEV), increase program electric vehicle (PHEV), hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) and other new energy vehicles, control system low voltage (12V, 24V) power system used D C/DC converter.
    Vehicle DC/DC converter Vehicle DC/DC converter

    Why do you stick to car grade devices

    • Design
      1. High reliability and high security of the device.
      2. Wide range of environmental adaptability;
      3. High power density and high efficiency.
    • Quality
      1. Extremely low adverse rate (PPM);
      2. To ensure long life;
      3. Traceability.
    • Cost and delivery
      1. The cost advantage after large volume;
      2. Delivery of stability, change management.

    Principle sequence diagram

    Principle sequence diagram

    Principle description

    1. DC/DC power supply 200 - 750Vdc voltage input, 14V- output, rated output power 800W-3000W. The power supply has the functions of input over-voltage protection, output short-circuit protection, output over-current protection, output over-voltage protection and over-temperature protection.

    2. The power supply is a high power density DC-DC power supply. The power supply uses BOOST+LLC+ synchronous rectifier. The power supply is used at ambient temperature: -40 C - 70 C, +75 - +95 C, and can be reduced to 20%. The temperature of the power module reaches 105 degrees C /-5 degrees automatically.

    3.The input uses four stage filter, BOOST boost circuit, BOOST power limit circuit, MOSFET use passive lossless absorption network, so that it works in soft switching mode with high efficiency. It can realize the switching of input over-voltage and under-voltage power, power failure alarm and other signals to realize the ability of switching with the sub-MCU, and can be reported to the background.

    4. The rectifier has complete monitoring function and voltage circuit control function. It can report all kinds of information state through CAN communication. It has over voltage shutdown, fault shutdown, input fault, DC output fault, temperature alarm and other monitoring functions. It has the functions of software switch machine, PWMV adjust output voltage, PWMI current setting and so on. The power module adopts the average current sharing mode composed of discrete components. The current sharing range is less than 0.5V.

    Scheme parameters

    • ModelParameter

    • Input voltage range200Vdc?–?750Vdc

    • Power800W-4000W

    • Output voltage range18Vdc?-?36Vdc

    • Efficiency?>96%?@?100%?load

    • TopologyCircuit topology?PSFB/Interleaving?Boost+LLC

    • CommunicationCAN?communication

    • Protection gradeIP67

    • Heat dissipation mode The maximum water temperature is 75 degrees / air cooling, the highest ambient temperature is 85 degrees.

    • Altitude3KM

    • Design topology15 years /15000 hours

    • Terminal customer + modelGenerally assembled in commercial and minicar vehicles

    Technical advantage

    Technical advantage

    1. Efficiency: above 95% ambient temperature 85 degrees without affecting efficiency.

    2.The ripple current coefficient of the phase-shifted full bridge output filter capacitor is the lowest among all schemes at present, which can effectively improve the life of the capacitor.

    3. Enhanced CAN integrated circuit: CAN integrated circuit integrated sleep wake up function, can effectively reduce standby 12V battery consumption.

    4. Active clamp forward and backward current: single stage power conversion and high efficiency.

    5. The BOOST+LLC scheme has a wide range of input voltage characteristics.

    6. Low voltage auxiliary power supply IC: voltage 6-18V can work normally.

    7. Sic MOSFET:The new silicon carbide material MOSFET is used to improve conversion efficiency.

    8. Digital algorithm power supply: integrating nonlinear loop parameters, referring to the dynamic response capability of output voltage.

    9. Design topology: over 15 years of life

    10. High reliability: high integrated modular product + small volume.

    11. The automotive MCU is used to realize the digital and analog control functions compatibly, and the automotive power supply is stable and safe with high performance-price ratio.