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    Shenzhen Core Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen Core Electronics Co., Ltd.

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    Chuangxin has always been committed to creating a relatively fair working environment and competitive environment for its employees. Implement the ability, the level is allowed, the mediocrity; the high performance and high reward, low performance and no reward performance strategy; the maximum guarantee of employee contribution and income fairness, fairness and fairness, and the equal position and ability.

    Share it
    “Sharing” is to share the development of the company with employees. This is the mechanism and corporate culture established by Chuangxin from the beginning. Through competitive compensation, various welfare employee equity incentives and other sharing methods, the corporate culture of sharing benefits and win-win between the company and employees has been formed.

    In recent years, with the continuous growth of the automobile market, the scale of the market before and after the automobile has been continuously expanded, and the product line of the Ruixin product has been continuously enriched. The company has achieved a leap-forward development in the precise positioning and business model, and the most profitable professional automotive electronics supplier. . The company is currently in a period of rapid development, providing a large stage for the talents, opportunities and prospects.