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    Ocean Motor Vehicle Business Group Supplier Conference Held in Nanjing

    Source: Shenzhen Core Electronics Co., Ltd. Popularity:1735 Time:2018-08-09 14:33:19
    (July 15, 2018) The Oceania Vehicles Group was held at the Crowne Plaza Nanjing Silver City today with the theme of “Xuji Juli, Winning the Future”. About 160 suppliers from all over the country attended the conference. . General Manager Liu Ruixin was invited to participate and was seated as a good supplier.

    The meeting was first opened by Mr. Gong Jun from the Ocean Motor Vehicle Business Group. He pointed out in his speech:

    Since its listing, the company has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of its industry and resource integration on the basis of continuous development of the home appliance and home appliance motor industries. In 2009, the company began to intervene in the new energy vehicle powertrain system industry, and successfully took the first step of the company's industrial transformation and upgrading. In 2016, it completed the acquisition of Shanghai Electric Drive's asset delivery and started the company's new energy vehicle powertrain system business. The new milestone, strategic cooperation with Ballard during the reporting period, build a complete industrial chain of “motor + electric control + battery”, further consolidate the comprehensive strength of the new energy vehicle business sector; since 2011, it has acquired Wuhu Jienuoli, Beijing Pete and the United States Pate came to fully enter the field of vehicle rotating electrical appliances, which laid a solid foundation for the company's industrial transformation and upgrading. In recent years, the company has begun to focus on developing new energy vehicle operation platform business, and has integrated multi-party resources through holding/shareholding passenger transportation, logistics, charging equipment companies, insurance agency companies, etc., and has begun to take shape, forming a relatively complete new energy vehicle operation. Ecological chain.

    After years of industrial transformation, the company has formed a good situation of mutual promotion and common development of the four business segments of home appliance and home appliance motor, new energy vehicle powertrain system, vehicle rotating electrical appliance and new energy vehicle operation platform. At the same time of industrial transformation and upgrading, the company fully integrates and shares resources between industries, realizes the exchange and expansion of resources such as research and development platform, sales channels, service system, talent reserve, brand building, etc., and gradually accelerates the company's internationalization process. Development has injected new impetus and maintained the company's sustained and rapid development.

    In the past two years, the company has responded to the national new energy industry strategy and focused on the operation of new energy vehicles. Through the establishment of financial leasing companies, participation in Titan Energy, investment in mergers and acquisitions of automobile operation companies and insurance agency companies, and cooperation with logistics parks to develop electric logistics vehicles. And other series of actions, build network information platform such as car networking, pile networking, and gradually introduce related services such as auto repair, microgrid, energy storage, etc., gradually build a complete ecological chain of new energy vehicle operation, and carry new energy vehicles in various cities in China. Promote all aspects of business operations, and strive to build a new energy vehicle operation platform for the whole industry chain with production, technology, research and use.

    With the further promotion of new energy vehicles, the development space for new energy vehicle operations will gradually open up, and it is expected to become a new profit growth point for the company in the future. At the same time, the company uses the innovative and open new energy vehicle operating platform model to create advantages for the company's new energy vehicle powertrain system business development, ** further promote the company's new energy vehicle powertrain system business development**.

    The conference was followed by a marketing & product work report by Mr. Shen Xin, Chief Marketing Officer of the Vehicle Business Group. In his report, Shen pointed out:

    "According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China's automobile production and sales reached a record high in 2017, up 14.5% and 13.7% respectively. Although China's automobile production and sales ranked first in the world for 9 consecutive years, even occupying one-third of the global automotive market. However, from the perspective of the global market structure, China's auto market space is far from saturated. From the perspective of the number of thousand people's car ownership, the number of car ownership in China is only 140 in 2017, with 809 in the US and 612 in Japan. There is still a huge gap between the vehicles, and there is still a large room for development in China's auto industry.

    In April 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the “Medium and Long-Term Development Plan for the Automotive Industry”. It is planned to form a number of auto parts enterprise groups with a scale of more than 100 billion yuan by 2020. The key core areas have strong international competitive advantages; by 2025, several auto parts companies have entered the top ten in the world. In this context, ** China's auto parts industry will usher in good development opportunities**.

    In January 2017, the State Council officially issued the "Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the "13th Five-Year Plan" Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Comprehensive Work Plan". The notice clearly stated that it is necessary to accelerate the development and expansion of strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, making new energy vehicles a pillar industry in China, and clarifying that more than half of the new energy vehicles in government departments must be used. The notice calls for the rapid development of new energy vehicles in the four dimensions of industrial development, transportation, public institutions and green consumption.

    According to the "Medium and Long-Term Development Plan for the Automotive Industry" released in April 2017, China's fuel cell vehicles will usher in three major time nodes from 2020 to 2030: in 2020, small-scale demonstration applications will be carried out in the public service vehicles sector in specific regions; In 2025, the number of private cars and public service vehicles will be applied in batches, no less than 10,000 vehicles; in 2030, large-scale promotion in private passenger vehicles and large commercial vehicles will be no less than 100,000. Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang said in a speech on June 25, 2017 in Changchun, Jilin, that hydrogen has a wide range of sources, large-scale stable storage, continuous supply, long-distance transportation, and rapid replenishment. In the future, automotive fuels, hydrogen fuel and Electricity will coexist and complement each other to jointly support the development of the new energy automobile industry. Wan Gang believes that China must strengthen collaborative innovation and accelerate the comprehensive development of the hydrogen fuel cell industry. Fuel cell vehicles will become an important development direction. Although it is still in the early stage of industrialization, with the gradual maturity of fuel cell technology, cost reduction and rapid growth of hydrogen refueling stations, fuel cell vehicle sales are expected to be released year by year, ** expected 2020 Fuel cell vehicles will enter the outbreak period**. ”

    The meeting was followed by Mr. Zeng Qingping, COO of Dayang Electric Vehicle Business Group, who took the stage to do the supply chain work report. Zeng always thanked all the participating suppliers for their strong support. Then he pointed out in the report:

    The world economic situation is unstable. Due to the recent Sino-US trade war, the prices of bulk raw materials have fluctuated significantly. The main raw materials required for the company's products, home appliances and household electrical motors, new energy vehicle drive motors, and vehicle rotating electrical appliances are copper (enamel wire) and steel (silicon steel, cold rolled steel). The absolute cost of raw materials directly affects manufacturing costs. The company further circumvents the risk of fluctuations in raw material prices by strengthening internal management, strengthening budget control, strengthening new product development efforts, increasing the added value of new products and the proportion of new product sales, and timely carrying out commodity futures hedging business. At the same time, Ocean Electric will create a win-win market with “forward-looking technology + cost advantage + reliability and high quality”. By 2022, the total purchase of Ocean Electric is expected to reach 5.7 billion yuan, and the total installed capacity of the vehicle business group's new energy powertrain system including electric drive, new power, and GNR will reach 200,000 units, involving a total purchase of about 1.5 billion yuan.

    After the meeting, Chuang Ruixin Liu was invited to participate in the thank-you dinner of the Ocean Motors Automotive Division Supplier Conference. At the dinner, Mr. Liu and Mr. Lu Chuping, Chairman of Dayang Electric, Mr. Zeng Qingping, COO of Dayang Electric Vehicle Business Group, Mr. Shen Xin, CMO of Dayang Electric Vehicle Business Group, and Mr. Gong Jun, General Manager of Electric Drive, exchanged photos and took photos.

    The company successfully signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Anhui Hongxin Energy Power Co., Ltd.!
    Manager of the big county control supply chain Wu visited our company