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    Electric drive electric control scheme


    Since 2014, Sharp has started the development of integrated controllers. It has mature solutions and important customer bases in the passenger vehicle dual-motor integrated controller and commercial vehicle 5-in-1 integrated controller. The CORE06E is a highly integrated, safe and reliable 5-in-1 integrated controller for 6~10m commercial vehicles. The CORE06E is a five-in-one integrated solution for positioning logistics vehicles up to 3.5 tons.
    Electric drive electric control scheme Electric drive electric control scheme

    Why insist on the use of automotive-grade devices

    • Design
      1. High reliability and high security of the device;
      2. a wide range of environmental adaptability;
      3. High power density and high efficiency.
    • Quality
      1. Very low defect rate (PPM);
      2. Ensure long life;
      3. Traceability.
    • Cost and delivery
      1. Cost advantage after high volume;
      2. Delivery stability, change management.

    system design

    system design system design

    Functional safety

    Functional safety Functional safety

    Scheme parameter

    1. System

      Integrated function, click controller, high voltage power distribution, DCDC, DCAC

      Insulation level: H

      Cooling method: water cooling

      Protection level: IP67

    2. Motor Controller

      Rated/Maximum Capacity (kVA): 120/290

      Overvoltage/Undervoltage Protection (V): 800/380

      Rated/Maximum Input Voltage (VDC): 540/750

      Overheat protection (°C): 90

    3. DC/AC

      Rated/Maximum Maximum Input Voltage (VDC: 540/750)

      Rated/peak power: 5.5/7.5

      Rated DC input current: 16

      Rated input current: 13

    4. DC/DC

      Rated/peak power: 3.0/3.3

      Control power (V): 24

      Output voltage (VDC): 27

    5. High voltage distribution cabinet

      Electric air conditioning Power (KW): 10

      Electric Defrost Power (KW): 5.5

      Steering pump Power (KW): 5.5

      Air pump Power (KW): 5.5

      Electric heating power (KW): 5.5

      DCDC power*(KW):3

    Technical advantages

    Technical advantages
    Automotive Design Specification
    A) The device selection is based on automotive grade standards and the product is more reliable.
    B) The product has passed EMC Class3 grade and the quality is more reliable.
    C) Developed according to TS16949 quality standard, protection grade IP67, insulation grade H grade, material flame retardant grade UL-V0.
    D) The power accessories are fast-inserted and have high-voltage interlock function, which makes installation and maintenance more convenient and safe.
    Safer performance is more outstanding
    A) Steering control is safer, adding a unique control loop and protection strategy, slowing down the parking, and minimizing the risk of driving.
    B) Insulation monitoring is safer and enables both passive and active monitoring.
    C) Product maintenance is safer, enabling fast power-off, both active and passive discharge functions.
    Higher integration and lighter weight
    A) Flat type, small size, easier to arrange and install the whole vehicle;
    B) The current sensor connection is integrated with PCBA, and the CAN communication is integrated with PCBA. The internal connection is more concise and reliable.
    Control strategy maturity
    A) Vector control, precise control accuracy, better driving dynamics and more comfortable.
    B) Rich in functions, anti-slip, creep, block, fault, and automatic opening of the trailer to improve the user experience.